Planned Giving
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Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.

  • Intentional Planning Allows For Additional Giving
    Intentional Planning Allows For Additional Giving
    Miriam Sommers desires to live life based on God's Word and God's math, two values from her youth that she still holds on to in her active life after 80...
  • Passion for Missions Lives on Through Endowment
    Passion for Missions Lives on Through Endowment
    Garry Prieb first traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) with his missionary parents, Arnold and Rose Prieb, as a one-year-old...
  • Planting an Investment in the Lives of Others
    Planting an Investment in the Lives of Others
    After more than four decades of farming, Bob and Lynette Ewert are seeing God use what they have sown become an investment in the lives of the next generation...
  • Updating a Will for Greatest Impact
    Updating a Will for Greatest Impact
    Curt and Myra Stutzman called Denver, Colorado their home for the first 45 years of their married life. It was where they met, raised...
  • Servants of Obedience
    Servants of Obedience
    John Esau, a retired businessman, is passionate about serving the Lord with the resources he has been given. Although he now lives...
  • Funding Education Overseas
    Funding Education Overseas
    Ken and Marilyn Fast spent 37 years working and serving at Pan American Christian Academy (PACA) in Sao Paulo, Brazil...
  • A Gift That Leaves A Legacy
    A Gift That Leaves A Legacy
    David and Alyce Loewen will be remembered for a lifetime of caring and sharing. Alyce came from a large family. She was the middle child...
  • Never Too Young To Give
    Never Too Young To Give
    JD Tippin grew up in Hillsboro, KS, graduated from Tabor College in 2011 and currently resides in Mountain Lake, MN. JD was taught from...
  • Charitable Giving Continued Through Bequest
    Charitable Giving Continued Through Bequest
    Throughout her life, Esther Bartel as an educator touched the lives of many people. She taught and influenced...
  • Gift of Commodities
    Gift of Commodities
    Steve Reimer looked at the good crop of almonds that the Lord had blessed him with and started thinking about...
  • Real Estate for a Charitable Remainder Unitrust
    Real Estate for a Charitable Remainder Unitrust
    Calvin and Marian Ewert had successfully invested in...
  • Tax-Free Sale
    Tax-Free Sale
    Marvin and Marilyn Richert purchased some development land outside of town. They thought it would be a good...
  • Bank Stock for a Charitable Gift Annuity
    Bank Stock for a Charitable Gift Annuity
    Susie Harms worked at the bank for many years and purchased the bank's stock as she was able. After...
  • Providing Fuel for Retirement & Ministry
    Providing Fuel for Retirement & Ministry
    Ron and Cora Regier have experienced much of 2 Corinthians 9:6-11. They were involved in farming most...
  • Serving & Giving
    Serving & Giving
    Roland and Lois Reimer have spent a lifetime serving the Mennonite Brethren family. Both are Tabor College...
  • Passion for Church Planting
    Passion for Church Planting
    Randy and Delores Steinert have long had a passion for church planting and have made a conscious decision...

Gift Examples

  • Will Planning With God's Heart
    "I want to see God's faithfulness in my life and store up heavenly treasures where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves...
  • Four Siblings - A Lifelong Partnership
    Growing up in Corn, Oklahoma and attending the Corn Mennonite Brethren Church, Kathryn, Martha, Lydia and Arnold Willems were raised in the MB community...
  • A Recipient of Generosity
    Gunther Henry Schmitt was a man that had lots to be thankful for. When asked who taught him to be generous, he responded...
  • Flexible Deferred Gift Annuity
    Lewis is a 54-year-old executive at a large healthcare company. He purchased company stock during years when the stock price was low, and now the stock has grown substantially.
  • A Bequest to Save Taxes
    Thomas was a widower who had a great love for our organization. As an individual who had directly benefited from our work.
  • Part Gift and Part Sale
    Susan and Kevin bought their first home many years ago. They had planned to build a second home so that their children could spend their summers along the lake.
  • Current Gifts
    As is the case with many families, there are times each year when Jim and Sharon focus their attention on gift giving.
  • Deferred Gift Annuity
    Several years ago Larry and Allison invested $30,000 in what they believed to be an attractive stock. It turned out to be a very wise decision.
  • The Retirement Unitrust
    Mary grew up on a farm. When her parents passed away, she inherited the farm. Now, several developers would like to build homes on the farmland.
  • Fixed Income for Retirement
    After working for decades as a pediatrician in a small rural town, Patricia was ready to retire.
  • A Bequest to Further Good Work
    Nancy and David were dedicated volunteers. Over the years, they had seen many individuals helped by the good work of their favorite charity.
  • Capital Gains Tax Bypassed
    Peter and Gail were nearing retirement. Over the years, with the help of their financial advisor, they made solid investments in securities.
  • Gift Annuity for Real Estate
    Jonathan purchased a home many years ago for $80,000. The home has appreciated substantially over the years and is now worth $420,000.
  • Property Turns Into Income
    Miranda lived in the family home where she and her spouse had raised their children. After her spouse passed, Miranda found it increasingly difficult to care for her home.
  • Sale and Unitrust
    Gene and Carol purchased stock in a small medical service company several years ago. Now, Gene and Carol are looking for a way to save taxes.